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individual loudspeakers

"beautiful loudspeakers can sound good too"


Authentic sound with timeless design – that’s the goal; no more and no less.

The demand for high-quality music reproduction is something completely normal for me as an engineer, since the quality has increased significantly in recent decades due to the higher quality of electronic circuits of players and amplifiers, through low-loss music formats and above all through high-resolution music material. Therefore, high-quality speakers should be something completely normal. The reality shows me that this is not the case. The first sound of some very expensive ones can still convince, but not with a variety of music and not in difficult rooms or setup situations.
It's clear to me that in certain rooms and certain music, there are barely any audible imperfections of loudspeakers, but honestly, why are 20 to 30 year old speakers often more balanced and natural than new ones? This question and the question of exactly how authentic music reproduction is possible and which psychoacoustic as well as room acoustic factors to consider in the speaker development I asked and started to develop my own speakers.
A loudspeaker has to be able to play "universal", that is a challenge I set myself. I am always satisfied with the result when I have the illusion that the interpreters are standing in front of me in the room. I also want to hear the illusion of a theater or a live concert as well. I have the additional claim that I do not want to be set to "the one listening place" in the room. That's too partial for me.
With today's possibilities, of course, there is also the variant that with a larger number of loudspeakers distributed around me in the listening room, I create an acoustic hologram, as the Atmos technology for cinemas can do, with the aim of a calibrated listening place on the film sound plastically reproduced around me to perceive. These acoustic effects are on the one hand impressive, on the other hand connected with a very extensive technology, which requires both the placement and the calibration of loudspeakers in room acoustically optimized rooms, so that the acoustic hologram significantly exceeds the quality of a Strereo stage. For me, an acoustically optimized stereo pair with low-loss players and amplifiers is the solution for the listening and enjoyment of all kinds of music, movies and background sound.

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