Russian Beauty


The aim of the speaker is to play beautifully in all possible and impossible situations and locations.

It is a loudspeaker for the use in a room, a large room or an apartment. The peculiarity is the simple technique that based on psychoacoustic research.
The speaker is not trimmed to extremes, but to the real situation in apartment houses, where you just listen to music, watch movies (and understand well the dialogues) or just want to gamble. Although you want to hear the acoustic impressions realistically in a pleasant volume and with joy.
The Beauty is a "every day" and totally often playing speakers, one you want to turn on in the morning after getting up and in the evening when you come home, again. An emotional enrichment for life at home, that could describe it.
Firstly, the cabinet design is modeled so that the vile block of a speaker cabinet is not directly recognizable and pleasing to the eye (by implementing the physical requirements of the cabinet to achieve the high acoustic quality), on the other hand, the speaker plays a discreet brilliance, so it never "annoys". The small size, the associated medium level stability and the low budget for the technology have also been aspects of the development.
It must of course be clearly stated that when the vacuum cleaner is running, the beauties have no real chance of still playing nice background music, for these extremes of noise they have not been developed.
Of course, the question arises, why should one now prefer the beauties to a high-quality Bluetooth Loudspeaker or a compact stereo system?
This question is answered very quickly, when it comes to the acoustic stage, the detail image and the bass presence. Especially in slightly reverberant rooms, where hi-fi speakers start to boom and bluetoots play less clearly, two beauties can play a great stage as a stereo setup and a deep, but pleasant, detailed and audible bass. A subtle upper bass emphasis is implemented, emotionally balanced for sound reproduction and typical room acoustics problems and not in the rough way, as it is known by mass producers. It is a silver bullet to bring mood in the chamber with a downright tiny speaker. That's it.
With 34 x 17.4 x 24 cm the size of the Beauties is pleasantly small, so that in each room a place can be found, where they provide a visual and acoustic atmosphere.
As a player are good old 50W stereo amplifier / receiver as well as very good chip amplifier with 2x50W (for example:  TPA3116+LM1036 bluetooth 4.0) ideal.

The name: Russian Beauty comes from the fact that there were already some variations before this loudspeaker and that so far only one Petersburg carpenter has managed to produce the cabinet in that perfection I have developed. Superficially, it's a simple cabine, but the details are hidden. The manufacture of this speaker is well recognizable with CNC-controlled machines, but only the manual work gives him the required quality. Therefore, this loudspeaker is also an individual loudspeaker, which, depending on the customer's request, is made as a kit or fully assembled in alder, birch plywood with clear or dark layer adhesive strips. So a wide range of surfaces and housing materials is possible.
The cases are not painted, but treated only with very strong parquet hard wax oil. On the one hand, this is eco-friendly, on the other hand it is cheap and therefore optimal.


more information to the loudspeaker
a bit of physics lecture about the psychoacoustic perception of speakers:
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Of course, there are also a pair of snake-leather looking speakers.

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