Compromise, why?

Under a BeatBox everyone understands something different, here it is a three-way loudspeaker in the classical studio monitor layout of past decades. The Beatbox offers a lot of depth, a very clear, punchy and low-distortion bass, balanced mid-tones and an excellent treble. The case is made of solid oak, which gives the speaker its rustic appearance. In a sense, this speaker is uncompromising because it takes no account of elegance or interior design. Sonically, the uncompromisingness is beyond any doubt that with this speaker walls become acoustically transparent, without the ears in the listening room hurting. Approximately 1% distortion at 100 dB over the entire frequency range, that's just one quality of the BeatBox.

There has to be more bass!
That was the initial call for this speaker development. It was about a cabinet shape that can provide optimal deep bass performance. The result is a speaker that allows me to discover the musical passion in the Rapp as well, as this pair of speakers is able to play a bass line in unknown plasticity, so that I can hear the complete composition as an acoustic artwork. Even old materials, such as Pink Floyd get on these speakers qualities, that are not felt in other constructions. In the area of the sub-bass, this speaker plays an acoustic quality of unimaginable dimensions.

The reason for the musical experiences is the clear, low-distortion bass. This is played by a SB subwoofer. A small 8 inch driver that can play everything perfectly from the low bass to the root. This very large linear working range is one of the outstanding quality features of this subwoofer.

Another important part of the design is the massive cabinet, which is made entirely of oak and thus provides the necessary mass and rigidity. The idea is as old as the loudspeaker concept, the top loudspeakers of the 80s often had very heavy and stiff housings, which made the high sound quality possible.

Sketchup model

Equipping the BeatBox is also reminiscent of old times, a polypropylene woofer (SB23MFCL45-4), a fiber reinforced midrange (SATORI MR13P-4) and a metal tweeter (SB26ADC-C000-4). All drivers have been developed since the 80s, so today the Beatbox covers a frequency range with a tolerance of + - 2.5 dB easily from 30 Hz to 20 kHz (under free-field conditions). The distortions are equally low over the entire frequency range. It is this quality that provides an unobtrusive and pleasant sound even at high sound levels as in live concerts. But! Now that I know it, I tend to listen to concerts at home rather than anywhere, since the tug of PA speakers and the buzzing rumble of the PA subwoofer boxes are just annoying.

Technical specifications:

average continuous power:    150 W
impedance:                                4 Ohm
frequency response:                -8 dB at 20 Hz, 30 Hz to 20.000 Hz +- 2,5 dB

distortion at 2,8V (about 85 dB):

distortion at  100 dB:




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