Experiencing the quality of music invites you to dream.

The purest form of the loudspeaker, clear and purely playing, committed only to the unadulterated reproduction, this loudspeaker is a work of art - a technical work of art - which is able to transfer the emotions of the music from the recording room into the listening room.


The development is irresistible, so Совершенно is now available in the 2nd generation with ribbon tweeter. The GRT145 ribbon from Viawave is an acoustic delicacy that puts the finishing touches to the Совершенно in terms of neutrality and authentic fine tuning. The human voice gains airiness and naturalness through the ribbon, so that the finest nuances are transported to perfection into the listening room without emphasis or exaggeration.

Pictures and further details will follow shortly.

specs and measurements

woofer and tweeter:                  Satori series from SBacoustics
average continuous power :
     40 W
impedance:                                 4 Ohm
frequency response:                 -8 bei 35 Hz, 46 Hz - 17.000 Hz +- 2 dB under free-field conditions
cabinet:                                     38 x 19,4 x 28 cm   -  22 mm Bubinga and oder solid wood

Note on the technical data: What remarkable about the analysis of loudspeaker specifications is, that, especially in the case of high-end loudspeaker specifications, values ​​are often significantly different from the loudspeaker meacurements. Some companies even admit that this is a targeted marketing strategy to make it possible to sell the loudspeakers. The technical data listed here are taken from the measurements below.
The seemingly low power of the speaker is based on the manufacturer's specification - SB Acoustics - and corresponds to the average continuous power, not the maximum power. This low power results from the low thermal capacity of the neodynium magnets inside the drivers. Since also at max. continuous load the distortion remains pleasantly low, impulses are played more precisely and cleanly even with more than 100W power (of course, not in the deep bass, when the membrane coming out of the linear work area). This is one of the special qualities of this speaker.

The technical-physical aim of a loudspeaker with this requirement, such as Совершенно, is that the loudspeaker plays linearly on axis, but also very evenly and homogeneously at all angles, so that the sound power emitted by the loudspeaker into the room is emitted uniformly over the whole frequency response.
Normal crossover filters of multi-way speakers with 12dB / octave or steeper filters lead to steps in the sound power frequency response of the speakers. Loudspeakers with many speakers produce an inhomogeneous emission of the sound at angles in the middle and high frequencies. For this purpose, the D'Appolito arrangement is especially well-known, which at angles has club-shaped forms of radiation. However, the constraints mentioned by Joseph D'Appolito are rarely considered, so that the disturbances in the radiation behavior thereby increase.
For these reasons, small two-way speakers are preferred for listening monitors in recording studios.
The Совершенно is a small two-way speaker and it has also a flat-angle crossover network. The result of this cross over design is a particularly homogeneous sound radiation, which contributes significantly to the special sound.

In the frequency response measurements under angles, a particularly high linearity is achieved laterally up to angles of 45°, for even larger angles, the frequency response fluctuations are still considered to be low. For the vertical angle measurements, two diagrams have been created for clarity presentation, it should be emphasized, that there is a fairly perfect linearity both linearly and slightly upwards. The unavoidable interference (deletions of sound by playing from multiple sources) are minimized in the direction of the listener.
This crossover design at Совершенно leads to the outstanding spatial playing style in the most diverse listening rooms and with the most diverse recordings.
Another important detail is the cabinet quality. For the Совершенно only very heavy and stiff / hard woods are used for the cabinet, so that distortions from the vibration behavior of the cabinet walls are prevented. This can be played for such a small woofer, a relatively clear bass.
The distortion measurement at 100 dB represents the limit of the load for this loudspeaker. Here you can clearly see how the distortions in the bass also increase, but nevertheless are small for such a small loudspeaker. Thus, it is also clear that the full dynamics needed by a monitor box to play uncompressed music can easily be reproduced by this boxes.

The waterfall diagram shows the acoustic output from the bass reflex tube. Bass reflex enclosures have the fundamental advantage of allowing a very high bass level in terms of driver performance with a relatively small volume. A modification of the bass reflex enclosure without tube is that with passive radiator. However, both variants have the disadvantage that the reflex system is an acoustic hole in the speaker cabinet and therefore not only bass but also midrange is released. In the waterfall diagram these remainders can be seen as ringing. Basically, there is the option to damp the speaker more, but a stronger damping of the bass reflex volume always leads to a tired bass, so that the implemented version in the Совершенно an optimal compromise of present detailed bass and reasonably low interference in the midrange.


Typical for an acoustically clear and authentic reproduction is a decay behavior without recognizable temporal disturbances of the individual drivers. In the waterfall diagram it can be seen that the lines run from the low tone to the high tone, without a transition from one driver to the other is recognizable.
It may be noticeable that the cabinet is relatively large for the smal woofer, so it is possible to produce this exceptionally clear sound. The smaller the case volume, the higher the sound level inside the box, but this interferes with a clear authentic playback. A nice side effect of the large volume is the deep, present bass. This can also play a 20 m² room without missing something in the bass and deepness of sound.


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